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A couple of times I was reading about how to =buy= boxes with profit
15-06-2017, 07:17, (This post was last modified: 15-06-2017, 07:18 by Madret.)
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A couple of times I was reading about how to =buy= boxes with profit
Hi guys! 

I'm playing Counter-Strike for a long time... I used to purchase steam cases with a steam key but drops were not expencive! Sometimes I was reading stories about great openings)In those stories gamers and gamblers were telling how to buy cases with Counter Strike items to win great modelsSmile They were telling about some different schemes of box buying... 

From there I have learned about technics of box spining that are similar to casino methods! One of these schemes is buying of one and the same case and it is called "case charging"! I decided to try the "feeding" technique on box services Counter-StrikeSmile 

So I began to choose the case with skins on the Open CS:GO service. Then I put up 45$ on the account. I have got after about 10 attempts the great M4A4 Poseidon and 2 or 3 more cheap but profitable models... Now I am sure the "case feeling" is profitable. That day I was spining one more box) I have used to open another box and dropped from it AUG Akihabara Accept and AWP Hyper Beast... I've win in the second session not a lot but it was profit nevertheless! The technics of charging is justifies itself! 

[Image: 418874a8b391d5b9b03b1e90e4a84d8a.png]

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