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The scheme of profitable drop
15-05-2017, 12:39,
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The scheme of profitable drop

I like collecting great skins and knives for CSGO...

I use to change rags, look for theme anywhere, I want to collect all skins that I like...
I used to read an advice it is better pay the balance on the bpxes sites with several tranches than with a single but expencive!!I think the best possibilities to hunt a skin you want give some srvices which are selling Counter strike global offencive cases like

I had $120 and refilled my Balance three times per $40!
And it has worked!.. The site where I decided pay the balance was Already at the 6th spin I’ve caught M9 Bayonet box hardened.

Then I’ve dropped some cheap rags but after the second payment I’ve got an expensive another cool skin to my collection! The total profit was about $110 and it was for me the most successful box opening ever. Now I think I will get much more TOP rags easily by paymant several times for $90 than making a single refilling at $360.
[Image: 052a44cead35dbca8e65b8338cbd5058.png]

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