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new CS:GO cases are giving top items - Leprekon - 19-06-2017

Hello guys. 

[Image: logo.png]I can say that I am a professional gambler! I used to try buy boxes on special web-services and know all of them. I have many items and like to collect themSmileI've admitted one single one) New cases give more good openings straight after appearing! The web-site I am talking about is only Opnecsgo! Several times I used to buy cases straight after they appeared and each wisit then I've had expensive openings.In such a way I have dropped AUG Akihabara Accept from the Holy 7 case and Shadow Daggers Marble Fade from the Spectrum box just after these boxes were appeared on web-service... 

Did somebody had similar experience? After that I started to spin each newest box after it appears! Now I'm sure that the probability of TOP DROP from a newest case is higher than from the old case but the technique is not proved! Nevertheless I continue to watch new boxes! It's like a job to check the site so often... I'm sure this theory is giving a nice profit...
[Image: 254a445772065dfeca789bc34f54d6fd.png]