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Don't get fooled by the odds
01-12-2016, 15:07,
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Don't get fooled by the odds
I don’t think many of you fall victim to this but there are people who have done so. Don’t fall victim to the odds. Odds are determined by other betters. The more you place on team A, the higher the odds go for them. Especially for relatively unknown teams, this is how people sway the odds. They get a few people to max bet on the weaker team to make them look better, and at the very last minute they swap back.

For example, a some time ago Platinum was taking on AaA on CSGL (not the recent one, it was quite long ago). Platinium had 30% odds and people barely had any info about them. So people went off to research for a good solid hour, trying to dig out any information they can about both teams and finally – they found out Platinium was a decent team and actually on Vakarm they had like 60% odds. Research gets you somewhere, and because of that people won a big bet on Platinium comfortably.

Again, it's always a must to know the teams you’re betting on so you don’ get fooled by the odds.

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